About Pam and Jed

Jed and I are in our first year of starting a vineyard.  Jed, in particular, is not a lay around, play golf, or have a hobby kind of guy, so the vineyard is a project that will keep us busy at something useful as we head toward ‘retirement’.   If all goes as planned we will still head into our day-jobs (Jed owns a small company and I work for him doing marketing.) a few days a week while having time to devote to growing a vineyard.  We have no plans to make wine as there are a number of new wineries here in New Jersey that we hope will have need of merlot grapes once our vines are established and we have fruit to sell.  In the meantime, we are having fun, and laughing at our foolish mistakes as we learn about life in the country, farm equipment, and vineyards.  Wish us well!

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One thought on “About Pam and Jed

  1. Read Jeb’s letter to Mitt. I am assuming that you have gotten many varied responses.

    Being a CEO of a manufacturing company I could really connect and understand Jeb’s view point.
    Any person who thinks I am going to crank up production and hire more employees just because of some tax break is demonstrating their ignorance of the business world. Rather then “supply and demand” it is actually “demand and supply”.

    Thank you and keep up the good work,

    Jeffrey Smith
    CEO Smith-Root,Inc.

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